Young female Japanese Motorbiker revealed to be 50 year old male

Recently a charming Japanese motorbike rider has caught the eyes of social media users when she revealed that she is actually a 50-year-old man.

With the Twitter handle named, @azusagakuyuki, she writes about ‘her’ love of ‘playing around with bikes’.

But the person’s real identity was revealed in a Japanese show where the viewers confirm that the young women is actually a 50-year-old male.

The 50-year-old have been using apps and Photoshop to catfish his followers.

After the news was revealed many viewers are picking up on signs like the women having a youthful face but having a noticeably less young looking arm.

One user wrote: “People fell for that? The face really looks fake and damn, that hairy arm,” while another person added: “This is why you cannot trust social media for anything.”

The main intension for the man to alter his looks was because to gain more followers, and his numbers of followers did grow to more than 17,000.

As per the 8World News report, the social media following grew because of the ‘woman’s’ good looks, as ‘she’ would often post shots of herself with a Yamaha bike.

On 11 February, a picture was uploaded and his followers noticed the photographer’s face showed in the mirror of the bike.

On having a closer look on the image , many discovered that the person behind the camera was actually a middle-aged man and not the women they were expecting.

It was then that the Japanese TV Show wanted to dig deeper to know the reality of this suspicious account.

The production crew were the first to know that in actual a shoulder length hair man was underneath the helmet all along.

He further added that he enjoyed the ‘beautifying’ process as well as the number of likes he gained in his Instagram posts.