Xbox Wants Developers To Release Next-Gen Upgrades To Games Free of Cost

Despite recent rumors regarding skyrocketing of videogames prices for next-gen consoles, the winds seem to have favored the gamers for now.

As per the reports coming from reliable sources, Xbox has conveyed to the developers that charging players to upgrade their already owned Xbox One games to Xbox Series X is not acceptable.

Xbox is of the view that upgrades to the games should be delivered to the players free of cost via its very own Smart Delivery Scheme. The upgrades are not to be sold separately as DLC.

As regurgitated by VGC, a dependable publishing outlet with the awareness of Microsoft’s next-gen policies has caught an eye of the fact that Xbox is persuading the publishers who’re currently working on updates for cross-gen games to supply both current and upgraded versions of games for next-gen consoles at zero additional charges.

The developers can deliver the same either via Xbox’s Smart delivery Scheme or use their own delivery schemes to push-out the free upgrades.

The developers and publishers who refuse to see eye to eye with Xbox are at free will to offer discounts to owners of current versions of games and thereby encourage them to hop-on to the next-gen of videogames via the Microsoft Store.

It also means that third-party publishers can autonomously charge for the upgrades to their games via physical upgrades or other indigenous delivery schemes.  

As of now, some of the world-class games namely FIFA21, Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny 2, and Assassins Creed Valhalla are confirmed to be getting a free of cost next-gen upgrade.

Microsoft is welcoming all the developers and publishers to sell their games for Xbox Series X and Xbox via desired outlets despite fundamental differences in the policies.

Although there’s no compulsion on using Xbox Smart Delivery System, in the long run, not using it may prove costly for players as well developers. It’s because without Smart Delivery System it’ll not be possible for users to transfer saved game data from one generation to another.

For now, it’s for the best of both if all the developers and publishers agree to implement Xbox’s Smart Delivery System.