Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Slams Console War Toxicity, Says Sony Isn’t an Enemy

Xbox boss Phil Spencer shares his thoughts on various topics including the so-called “console war” between PS5 and Xbox Series X, he mentions it to The Verge as part of a massive new interview.

When The Verge questioned on it Spencer didn’t hold back his thoughts on this and said that if anything was ever going to get him out of the gaming industry, it’s the “tribalism” that prevails in the console space.

He told, “There’s like a core of the core that has, I think, taken it to a destructive level of, “I really want that to fail so the thing that I bought succeeds.” I’m saying on both sides. I’m not saying that it’s all people crushing Xboxes and everybody that loves Xbox is always completely inviting to all the PlayStation stuff. I’ve said before, that I find it distasteful, but maybe that is too light. I just really despise it. I don’t think we have to see others fail in order for us to achieve the goals.”

Spencer further explained that it “isn’t in our vocabulary” to talk about both Sony and the PlayStation 5 as an “enemy”, and he also says that Sony is a partner with Microsoft in various places.

“Everybody is doing well in the industry right now for the most part with the stay-at-home and the surge. That’s what we should be focused on as an industry. We’ve done it with things like cross-play and other things that we focused on breaking some of those tropes. But there is a core that just really hates the other consumer product. Man, that’s just so off-putting to me. Again, maybe that word is probably too light.

To me, it’s one of the worst things about our industry,” he concludes.