Xbox 360 Gets New Feature 15 Years Later

Microsoft added a new feature to the Xbox 360 recently 15 years later.

With both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S less than a month away, Microsoft made Xbox 360 cloud saves free for all players.

This feature was locked and assessable for an Xbox Live Gold account.

Making this support more impressive with PlayStation and Nintendo is that it still has this feature locked behind a paywall.

If a player wants cloud saves on PS4, then will require PlayStation Plus.

If they are on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Online will be required. While on Xbox One, you won’t require a thing.

Similarly, on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, you won’t need anything and now same applies for On Xbox 360.

Not many people are gaming on the Xbox 360 or utilizing cloud saves, but it’s great for Microsoft to eliminate the paywall.

The reason for the paywall knocked down has not it come out, but it arrived along with a backward compatibility announcement for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S; which keeps players guessing if it has something to do with this announcement.