World’s first space hotel to start construction soon, to open in 2027

Voyager Class space station to be world’s first space hotel, accommodating 400 people.

With hotel rooms, the space station will have its own bars, cinema, restaurant and spa. The company by the name Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) is responsible for the project and have stated that the construction will begin from 2025 aiming to finish the operational work by 2027.

The company OAC prioritize for space colonization, which they plan to implement through their Voyager Station.

Their website describes the station as a rotating space station specially designed to produce varying levels of artificial gravity by increasing or decreasing the rate of rotation.

‘The station will be designed from the start to accommodate both national space agencies conducting low gravity research and space tourists who want to experience life on a large space station with the comfort of low gravity and the feel of a nice hotel’

The one of a kind space station is designed with two concentric structural rings fixed together.

Where the inner ring will be a docking hub and the other ring will be ‘the backbone of the station and provide mounting for habitable modules, solar panels, radiators, and a rail transport system’ will be a place where people will be able to move about the station freely.

OAC plans to attach pods below the outer ring with each having a different purpose where some of the pods may be sold to NASA for research purposes while others will be used for accommodation, restaurants and bars. have revealed how the upcoming project was planned for years after John Blincow founded the Gateway Foundation in 2012. This lead to the establishment of the OAC.

The main reason for the creation of the Gateway Foundation is to build the first space port.

Giving details of the project the website explained, ‘To do that we must first build a few smaller structures. One of the most important projects is the Voyager Class of rotating space stations. This will likely be the first commercial space construction project in history.’

The company is now hiring ‘Talented and dedicated’ crew members for the project.