World’s fattest boy shows off slim body after losing an incredible amount of weight

The world’s fattest boy Arya Permana is now taking away headlines with his new body transformation.

He have now turned 14 and after having a gastric band fitted followed with a strict diet and exercise, he have managed to lose 17 stones .

He held the record of the fattest boy when he weighed more than 20st at the age of nine.

The boy was from a small village in West Java, Indonesia and with his heavy body he had to bath in a pool outside to wash normally.

Having a huge body at such a small age added major toll in his health and daily lifestyle where small tasks like going school and walking made him breathless.

The boy was also habituated with unhealthy eating and junk foods like instant noodles which was enough to fed two grown adults was indeed a part of his normal diet.

But many things changed over the past three years after he had the gastric band operation, Arya choose healthy alternatives on his diets and started exercising regularly to lose 231 pounds.

Arya said: “In 2015, I didn’t expect all this was possible or I could lose weight. Now it’s feels better, so different.”

His mother Rakayah and father Ade Somatri were majorly concerned about his health and had always pushed him to follow a strict diet.

Arya was forced to walk every day and to exercise and swim by his parents but nothing really helped him to loose weight at first.

At the end doctors were involved to better his health condition, they went to perform a bariatric surgery. He shed about 38lbs in just three weeks after the surgery.

Dr Handy Wing explained explained: “We made a shape like a banana and his stomach was 30 per cent of the original size, which reduced his intake.”

Arya made major changes in his lifestyle which included changing his sleeping habits.

He further adds: “In the past, from 2015 to 2016 I slept at 4 am and would wake up at 3 pm now I sleep at 10 pm.”

With a new transformed body the teenager is now living a normal and a better life and also enjoys healthy meal in his diet.