Woman caught boyfriend cheating after his Fitbit showed he burned 500 calories at 2 AM

Nadia Essex, an expert on Celebs Go Dating, shared her story on her TikTok video where she revealed she once found out her boyfriend cheating on her after a notification from his Fitbit, telling he’d burned 500 calories in the middle of the night.

In her TikTok video Nadia explained that her boyfriend did went for a night out and later received a notification from his Fitbit as they had previously synced their devices.

Nadia said: “Oh honey, I’ve got a doozie.

“So when my ex-boyfriend came home from a night out, I woke up in the morning and thought, ‘Let me make some breakfast’.

“And I got a notification on my Fitbit – the Fitbit that we’d synced together – that between 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock in the morning, last morning, he had burned over 500 calories.”

The video went viral with 446,000 views and 48,000 likes and with comments supporting Nadia .

One follower said: “That is the best, but defo worst, story. You’re so much better without him.”

Another viewer commented: “Well at least you found out. Who knows how long it would’ve carried on for it you hadn’t!”

While others were trying to come up with funny excuses to give her ex the benefit of the doubt, one saying: “I was about to say he could have been dancing in a club but if you knew what he was really doing…”

Essex then said: “He wishes that was what is was.”

Nadia’s story has inspired many to buy a Fitbit, one viewer wrote: “I’ve been in two minds about getting a Fitbit, guess who’s on her way to get one ASAP.”