Witcher 3 Mod brings Netflix version of Triss and Yennefer to the game

In another case of ‘Who asked?’, a modder for Witcher 3 has brought in the actresses for Triss and Yennefer from the Netflix show, into the game.

Now, some of you might not be too eager to get this mod all set up, considering how beloved the classic models are for the respective characters, rest assured, there seems to have been an adequate amount of effort put into the creation of the Netflix character models.

Anna Shaffer, and Anya Chalotra both are available for you to install using this Witcher 3 Netflix Mod.

Triss’ Model

We know the model’s a bit unorthodox, primarily how it changes the red hair right off the bat. Not everyone was pumped about the changes when the actress was announced for the show.

Nonetheless, that can’t stop us from admiring how well integrated the model seems to be in Witcher 3.

Source: Bububull

Yennefer’s Model

Yennefer’s model is, obviously an inspiration of her actress Anya Chalotra. Adding all of these models to your playthrough of your game is definitely going to help you experience the show all over again.

Source: Bububull

The modding community is definitely something; their creations never seize to amaze. The models don’t look out of place, and work pretty well in the game’s cutscenes and action sequences.

However, this isn’t where the modding community stops, there are a number of more mods that are there to enrich your experience with the game. It’s all based on your preference.

Chances are, whatever you can think of, you’ll be able to find a mod for it.