Video: Woman throws puppy at a man, later he shares an update about the ‘Happy puppy’ on social media

In a recent video which went viral shows a puppy being thrown at a black man by a woman.

The puppy now named “Movie” is seen in Instagram post and stories of the account of the man (@mulaflare) who rescued and adopted her.

The young man was called a “true hero” by a friend who was filming.

The friend says “Look at how happy she is,”, as @mulaflare holds her. “Look at that tail.”

In another video shows, @mulaflare appears bathing the puppy.

Also, to support and take care of the need of the puppy, @mulaflare started the GoFundMe.

Initial with a goal of $3,000, the viral video contributed to the sum with people assisting and making sure that the puppy has a high-quality life.

Recently, an Instagram account got created for Movie, where she already has 150,000 followers and counting.

On the 9th of October, the incident took place, with the man on getting racist attack and later she even threw a puppy at him.

On Twitter, rumours suggest that the unknown woman may be suffering from mental health issues, and was charged for animal cruelty.