Underage teens are dressing up as Old Women wearing Face Masks to buy alcohol

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonades. A motto that seems to have been adopted by a number of underage teenagers in order to get themselves some alcohol during these dry times.

With everything seemingly in a strict lockdown during the virus, and mask policy becoming common in most stores. People have begun to take advantage of the mask fiasco by using it to hide their true identities.

Such is the case with a few millenials who have pulled quite the con on shopkeepers by disguising themselves to look as if they’re older. This entire stunt has gone viral on social media, with videos on Tik Tok circulating around, and girls dressing up to look older. The trend seems to be all over the place!

A video from TikTok shows a clever disguise of a teenager pretending to be someone she’s not.

You’ve got a bad disguise? Don’t worry! Your face mask should definitely improve the entire thing by ten folds. Not that we’re encouraging this or anything. Definitely not, wait until you’re 21 kids!

The entire scam seemed to have been working while it was relatively new, however different communities have caught wind of the cheesy little trick, and it shouldn’t be long before the entire trick becomes obsolete.