Twitch Streamer finished Dark Soul 3 with Guitar Hero controller and zero hits

Can you imagine finishing Dark Souls III using the Guitar Hero controller without taking a single hit? Ideally, you would say no, but in reality, one determined Twitch streamer made this possible, earning the eternal glory of the web. 

Dark Souls series are infamous for its extraordinary difficulty but that didn’t prevent players from beating it with ridiculous handicaps. The gaming industry is filled with some striking challenges and any small error could bring your world crashing down instantly.

With that in mind, Twitch streamer ‘MezzPlays’ decided to ditch the standard console controller. They chose the Guitar Hero controller and managed to beat the final boss, the Soul of Cinder, without getting hit at any point through his run. 

Twitch Streamer finished Dark Soul 3 with Guitar Hero controller and zero hits |

Just like other games in the series, Dark Souls 3 is filled with optional content. There is a heap of bosses that players might never see throughout their run while some bosses are mandatory to progress the story. The player skilfully avoids bosses and optional areas without wasting much time and minimizing the risks. 

For a standard run, the entry can take around 50 hours which the streamer made possible in just four hours.  It is eight times faster than the average story only run. Earlier, several people have beaten Dark Souls 3 using strange controllers or without taking a hit, but this time both parts of this challenge were accomplished separately. MezzPlays’ taking on the crushing difficulty of Dark Souls with a guitar certainly has to take the cake. We will be eagerly waiting for the streamer’s next accomplishment.