Trump receives experiential anti-viral treatment for coronavirus

On Friday, President Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus and is receiving experimental drug treatment.

In a memorandum Dr Sean Conley, the president’s physician wrote-

“As a precautionary measure, he received a single 8-gram dose of Regeneron’s polyclonal antibody cocktail. He completed the infusion without incident,”

The experimental drug is a combination of two monoclonal antibodies. Such treatment is supposed to provide a temporary yet immediate boost to the immune system to fight back the coronavirus.

The therapy is still in the trial stage and is considered to be one of the most promising treatment options for COVID-19.

The experimental treatment is at present in clinical trials as a potential treatment for coronavirus

On Tuesday the drug company says that the current evidence from the trials show result that the treatment appears to be effective in patients suffering moderate illness.

An associate professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, Dr Todd Rice said, “It decreased viral load and made symptoms resolve faster,”

Although Rice is not a part of Regeneron’s clinical trials.

President Donald Trump is showing mild symptoms, that includes fatigue along with low-grade fever.

Currently, Trump has been shifted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, as a precautionary measure,

The president’s physician also reveals in the letter that Trump is taking vitamin D, zinc, the heartburn drug famotidine, a sleep aid (melatonin) and daily aspirin.