This mom is doing OnlyFans to pay for her Daugther’s law school

A 41-year-old woman from New York City was overwhelmed with OnlyFans requests at the time of pandemic, mostly the requests were coming from young and lonely men.

“They come to an older woman because it became very hard for these younger guys to date, and they do have sexual needs. But I’m also giving them this guidance on what to do. One of my fans was asking if they should go back to school for their master’s, and another wanted dating tips,” she says, adding, “I’ve made more money now than I ever did when I was younger.”

The OnlyFans model, Marcela Alonso reveals that she was earning a massive amount of $20,000 a month during the pandemic from her OnlyFans account.

She explains that during the pandemic requests were so high that she wakes up with $300 requests for video calls.

Marcela is now charging $100 per call and her fans pay $4.55 a month as a subscription fee. She discloses that she is motivated to work hard only for one special person in her life.

She says; “I’ve had to go full-force with my OnlyFans to not only pay my bills, but to take really good care of my eldest,”. “When she gets into law school, I want her to feel free to go to any school she wants.”

As a tribute, she says, to her late father. “My daughter is studying for the LSATs, and I lost my father about two years ago, and her goal is to be able to go to law school and I really want to be able to pay for that and don’t want her to encounter any debt,” she further shares. “I want to be able to pay off all her loans and cushion her. It’s what my father would have wanted.”

From the age of 18, Marcela has worked as a sex worker and began her career as a stripper to support her young daughter. She was simultaneously covering her own education from the University of South Florida, completing her graduation with a marketing degree.

“I had my daughter at 16, and my family turned their back on me. Nobody helped me,” she says. “I remember back then minimum wage was like $4.75. It was crazy. And welfare didn’t help much. She’s the reason I started stripping. Giving her the best life has always been my goal.”

By the year 2017, she began to create x-rated content for OnlyFans and was dedicated to create her fanbase.

She explains; “I’ve had a harder time because I’m Hispanic, and it’s harder for Black and brown individuals to make money [as sex workers],”. “It’s kind of a Caucasian woman’s world.”

Marcela is currently aiming to pay off her daughters remaining $46,000 in student loan for her upcoming law school.