The Last of Us 2 director wants to make a Punisher game

Recently, Neil Druckmann The Last of Us Part II’s game director posted a wish list of established Ips.

The Ips were of games he wanted to create with Marvel’s Punisher, also appeared in the wish list was the Ghost Rider.

Even though the audience might love it, the ideas are only shared as wants and shouldn’t be taken much seriously or get hopes for a new Punisher game announcement.

It was more of Druckmann respond to a question about existing IPs the game director wishes to work on.

The wish list included Punisher, Valve’s Half-Life, Ghost Rider, then Hotline Miami and Cowboy Bebop.

As the list included several high-profile properties got several suggestions and questions popping up from fans.

Responding to a few of them Druckmann mentioned how he’s ready to create a Princess Mononoke game or an open-world Kiki’s Delivery Service adaptation.

Also talked on Ghost Rider, saying his theoretical game would feature the Danny Ketch version of the Marvel character and Blackout will be the main villain.

Based on Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us franchise, the studio is likely to handle a Punisher game better than others.

For the moment all suggestions are just on the wish lists, but these games are sure to gain a massive turn in the direction of Neil Druckmann.

In the year 2019, Jon Bernthal, the lead from Netflix’s The Punisher, talked about if he’d return for the role witnessing how a whole lot of TV, as well as movie actors, are being cast in games. 

Bernthal mentioned that it’s less about whether such a game will take place or not in near future but it has to do more with “whether we’d do it right.”