Tesla Model 3 explodes in Parking lot in China

On Tuesday, in China’s Shanghai underground parking area a Model 3 exploded raising concerns over the safety of Tesla cars.

CNBC reports citing Chinese media that no casualties or injuries have been reported from the accident site.

The preliminary analysis indicates that the cause of Tesla Model 3 car explosion might have been due to the damage in the battery pack that caused the collision to the underside of the car, as reported by the Shanghai-based unit of the company in a statement.

The company is carrying out further investigation and co-operating with the fire department and assisting the owner of the damaged car with the insurance claim, as per Yicai Global

It is still not confirmed whether the battery pack installed or the car was made locally or imported.

As per state media, Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), Chinese battery manufacturer, mentioned that the battery pack of the Tesla Model 3 was not manufactured by them.

It must be noted that this was not the first time that a Tesla car exploded out of the blue. Last year, a similar incident took place where a white Tesla electric car in a parking area burst into flames in Shanghai.

After the incident, an investigation team was summoned by the company to inspect the matter.

The next incident took place in a self-driving Tesla Model 3 car that drove straight into an overturned truck.

Reportedly the car ran nearly two lanes of the highway in Taiwan, it was later revealed by the driver that the car was kept on autopilot mode.

Thus, Tesla’s cars have grabbed some serious concerns on their safety standards and the self-driving technology introduced.

Earlier this month, Chinese state-owned media reports that minimum 10 situations across the country was registered where the driver lost control of their Tesla cars.

Despite all such reports Tesla ranks in the Chinese market of electric car segment. Reportedly Tesla maximized the car production capacity in the Shanghai factory. Most of the Chinese manufactured Tesla cars are exported to the European market.

India too will soon join the market with Model 3, followed by its premium Model S and Model X Tesla cars which are going to enter the Indian market.