Terrifying Moment Man Sent Flying Back and Forth On 100-Foot Palm Tree

Video of a man swinging back and forth fight for his life as a 100-foot palm tree sway at frightening speeds goes viral.

Luckily, the man performs such a task as a part of his everyday job. The video was captured by a terrified passer-by.

In San Bernadino, California an unidentified man was on top of the tree to chop off its top.

The top of the tree got really heavy due to which it made the tree twist considerably.

Question is, what led the man to take such a risk? 

A situation raised as that particular tree got snap, making the top tumble down on passers-by or properties, thus putting everything at risk.

In that odd position, the tree became a threat to people living near-by, and also to people commuting in the area.

In the video clip, the man was seen climbing up to the treetop, before the tree got sunk to the ground because of his weight.

When the leaves were cut and dropped to the ground that the tree instantly got snapped in the opposite direction back in the air.

The tree specialist clung to it to save his life as in a matter of seconds he swung along with his pieces of equipment 100 feet towards the air

For more than two blood-curdling minutes, the man swung back and forth; he had to hold to the tree till the time it settled, after which he climbed down to safety.

Fortunately, the person was an experienced tree specialist, and unlike most people, he handled the situation quite well and he was compared to a “cowpoke.”

The video got hugely circulated on the internet; a lot of people complimented the daring tree specialist for his daredevil tree skills.

One of the viewers commented, “You sir are crazy however wayyyyyyy cooler than anybody I’ve ever observed lol”