Stupid guy jumps onto a whale shark and rides it by “clinging” onto its fin

A stuntman by the name of Zaki Al-Sabahy was recently filmed trying to ride a whale shark by holding onto its dorsal fin in the Red Sea.

He was on his yacht as he saw the shark swim close to the port of Yanbu in Saudi Arabia.

Zaki planned his movement and leapt onto the back of the whale shark. He grabbed onto its dorsal fin and formed a firm grip with his legs around the whale.

The concept has been very strongly discouraged by conservationists all over, as the act is cruel and painful to the animal in question.

This isn’t the only footage however of someone attempting something as dangerous. People over the years have done similar acts and uploaded the footage onto the internet.

The whale shark is an endangered animal, and a lot of people have mixed opinions regarding Zaki’s little stunt. Some have went on to encourage the man for his bravery, while some have criticised him for his reckless behaviour.

Concerned authorities are trying their best to conserve these beautiful whale sharks as they are threatened by humans. Over the years, sightings of whale sharks have become extremely rare. The demand for their meat, fins and oil puts them under a dangerous spotlight.