Strange looking creature completely transforms itself 3700 feet deep in the Ocean

A bizarre and odd looking creature was spotted in a clip, wonder how he looked like? He actually looked like one of the Bop It games we used to play in our childhood.

In the very first 40 seconds of the clip the strange creature is seen shrinking into a ball-like shape and it slowly transforms into what described as the top of a lemon squeezer/shuttlecock with a Batman cape draped over it.

The clip was first uploaded online back in the year 2013 from a YouTube account by the name CaptainJRD , it was filmed under the deep ocean, where the creature’s footage was shot.

While posting the video, CaptainJRD wrote: “This video was taken by an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) at a depth of 3753 ft in the Indian Ocean within close proximity to a drill wellhead.

“Near the end of the footage you can see the creature getting caught up in the output from the ROV thrusters.”

Many were spectacle to whether the creature they see in the clip is real or animated, giving an explanation CaptainJRD states: “The video has not been altered and was taken off the East coast of Africa.”

One viewer commented: “Majestically drifts, majestically shape shifts, majestically glows, majestically does a couple of cute spins and gets brutally ripped apart and tossed in the void. Rip glow globe.”

Another wrote: “They just discovered a deep sea alien like life form and a minute later it gets game ended by a propeller.”

Many were quick to judge what the creature might actually be, one wrote: “That’s a Ctenophore – you can tell by the rainbow light show it has (it’s light reflecting of its cilia). Looks like it gets mulched by wash from the propeller at the end though.”

After watching the clip no actual scientific explanation have been made so far, but its not the only bizarre discoveries found from the ocean.