Sony’s next generation console PS5 will be ‘customizable’

Last month, just after Sony revealed its stunning trailer of the PS5, fans couldn’t stop talking about the design. Fans have had a fairly mixed reaction to the PS5’s black-and-white colour pattern. Sony’s next-generation control’s unusual bulbous shape and new, white color scheme departed from previous Playstation consoles. But, the good news is that the PS5 will probably be the most ‘customizable’ PlayStation ever. It will be available in different colors.

It is quite possible, when the hardware launches later this year, many customers would like to make their adjustments. You have to visit the dbrand site and they will give you the options to choose wraps for the sides, centre, stand and controller of the PS5. The most interesting fact is that now you can twist the appearance of your PS5 as per your choice. 

We already know about the PS5 games line-up, which includes Horizon Forbidden West and a remake of Demon’s Souls. This console will support a range of impressive-sounding features such as a super-fast SSD, ray-tracing, a built-in 4K Blu-ray player and backwards compatibility with a huge swathe of the PS4’s game catalogue.

The next-gen console will be compatible with current PSVR hardware, and there are also rumours of PSVR 2. The PS5 will be compatible with almost all PS4 games. There is no specific date but Sony confirmed the PS5 release date as Holiday 2020 which likely means early November.