Sony reveals how PS5 boxes will look, fans are not happy

Sony has recently revealed how physical game boxes for the PlayStation 5 will look.

It shared a blog post revealing the packaging for Spider-Man Miles Morales and some fans aren’t too pleased with the design.

Many fans flooded the comment section of the Twitter reveal with feedback that they are not particularly fond of the design.

The most common complaint was getting rid of the blue borders of the box and replacing it with either white or black so it looks more clear.

While some outright felt the white coloring was forced

Others felt that this will take a lot of time to getting used as they were accustomed to seeing white or black cases

It is highly unlikely Sony would change the packaging for the PlayStation 5 videogames based on a few negative comments.

The console launches this holiday and will be priced around $499 mark if rumors are to be believed.