Sony reveals how much they expect PS5 to sell during its life cycle

Sony predicts that the PlayStation 5 will achieve 100 million units sale during its lifecycle.

Financial Times reports that Hiroki Totoki, Sony CFO shares an estimated number at a recent financial presentation.

According to Sony’s publicly listed data in case PS5 reaches 100 million units sold in its lifecycle, it would be a part of the PS1, PS2, and PS4 club.

Sony PS3 is the only home consoles to have not achieved that goal. It sold 87.4 million units till March 2017 (latest date reported by Sony)

Whereas the PSP sold 76.4 million units worldwide till March 2012.

Records reveal that PS2 remains Sony’s best-selling console and also the best-selling system worldwide. It sold more than 155 million units, while PS4 got 113.5 million units sold which give it the second rank, and 102.4 million units were sold for PS1

Sony expects the PS5 to do better by March 2021.

PlayStation revenue for July-September quarter in Sony’s Games & Network Services segment had a hike of 11 per cent to 506.6 billion yen.

In this COVID-19 pandemic times, as people started to stay home more, the PlayStation Plus subscribers increased while others joined as a part by sales of Ghost of Tsushima

The hardware sales dropped due to anticipation for the PS5 in November and it is the only part of PlayStation that had a downfall in the quarter.