Sculpture is mocked after it’s ruined by terrible restoration job

A restoration work done by Spanish sculpture which has left a statue looking like a ‘cartoon’.

Netizens have criticised the work massively, even Painter Antonio Capel expressed his criticism on social media on the newly restored statue.

In the city of Palencia, the statue was unveiled in the northern Spanish region of Castile and Leon which reveals some distinctive changes.

With images of before and after shots of the statue, Guzman posted “It looks like a cartoon character.”

Reports states that the original sculpture got reinstated after it fell off during some restoration works.

A comparison was also drawn by him between the newly repaired statue to the Ecce Homo Jesus fresco in Borja in Spain.

While another mentioned, “My granddaughter could do better with playdough.”

In the year 1919, the building was commissioned and in 1923 it was open.

It is one of the most iconic buildings in the city centre of Palencia and at present houses the branch of the Unicaja bank.

Back in 2012, the Ecce Homo fresco hit headlines globally, when it got ‘restored’ by Cecilia Giménez.

Art-lovers were horrified after looking at the ‘makeover’ the 81-year-old gave to Jesus, giving him a monkey alike look.

Elías García Martínez painted the fresco in around 1930, but visitors who view it today would see something quite different than the original work.

For the town of Boa, there is a huge rise in tourists count to come and see the ‘restored’ work, can be said that the restoration is a hit for tourism.

In 2018, mayor Eduardo Arilla spoke to The Guardian, “As soon as people knew that it was Cecilia who had done it, everything changed.

“And this has become a social phenomenon and a pop art icon.”