Rockstar Games Seemingly Teases GTA 6 Vice City

GTA 6 and its rumored Vice City setting have seemingly been teased by  Rockstar Games via the new Cayo Perico GTA Online update.

Rockstar Games has apparently teased GTA 6: Vice City via a new Cayo Perico Heist update in GTA Online.

Rockstar Games seemingly teased the game via an easter egg which involved a free jacket. The jacket was given to every GTA Online player in an event in November. Although, the jacket didn’t look peculiar, but on closer observation you could find something interesting on the back.

The backside of the jacket featured an image of a panther and the phrase “Hostess Ad Pulverem Ferire” Now, fans of the the original Vice City will realize that the same phrase appeared on the frontside of a government building in the original Vice City game.

Although, the inference might not mean anything but fans of GTA have gotten excited considering the possibilities of a new GTA: Vice City game being in development.

That’s not all, the new GTA Online update also featured a minor character named Gustavo who wore a similar orange and white Hawaiian shirt that resembled the one Gonzalez wore in the original Vice City games.

Although, there is no official confirmation from Rockstar Games, we can still not rule out the possibilities of this being more than a co incidence.