Retired police dog cries after being re-united with handler

Heart-warming reunion story of a police dog with her handler, makes netizens go ‘aww’ with teary eyes.

An eight-year-old retired police dog, German shepherd Wangwang, shed tears of joy when she saw her handler for the first time. The last time they saw each other was in June 2019.

Xichuan Police on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok shared a video of their reunion, where the dog runs to her former handler in excitement. She starts rolling around for tummy rubs out of sheer joy!

As the video plays, Wangwang appears to be tears at one point, the adorable reunion was posted with the caption ‘Wangwang’s hair is turning white but she is well fed, she is getting fat.’

As per Daily Star, in Henan province, central China, the German shepherd worked for the Xichuan Police as a sniffer dog at security checkpoints.

After retirement she was separated from her handler; the video winning hearts with several people flooding it with comments.

One user wrote ‘The dog is welling up. Dogs are really loyal companions, please treat her well!’

Another said, ‘You can tell how much Wangwang misses her handler. You can understand when the dog greets you belly up.’

Many questioned why the handler wasn’t able to stay with the dog, to which Xichuan Police explained said that it occurred due to time constraints.

Further added, ‘Police dogs are generally well fed at the training centre but our officers could not dedicate their time to play or exercise with retired dogs,’ and added that retired police dogs will be ‘better looked after’ by a family rather than the training centre.

In the video, it was quite eminent that Wangwang has missed her handler, but she has been blessed with the best life post-retirement. 

On their Facebook page, the video was also shared by Western Australia Police Force and with captioned it, ‘Watch this heart-warming encounter unfold as PD Mako meets some curious dolphins in the Swan River.’