Pub Installs Electric Fence at Bar Counter to enable “Social Distancing”

Ever since the entire Covid-19 pandemic started, people have had to change up how they operate within their respective work environments.

Some people have however become hilariously creative to make sure that every individual that gets close to them, follows the necessary safety procedures prior to approaching their place of business.

The Star Inn, pub in St. Just, Cornwall

In a rather funny turn of events, a pub has actually made use of a pretty ‘shocking’ method to make sure everyone remains at a considerable distance, ensuring its employees’ safety.

This pub in Cornwall, named as The Star Inn, has installed an electrical fence to make sure nobody gets too close for comfort. Along with a very polite sign asking people to stay away, of course.

I mean, there’s only so much you can take before you start to enforce the rules a bit more strictly, and we have to say, this method seems to be the most effective.

Now, before you think that the fence is dangerous, it should be noted that the fence is turned off at all times. But, knowing that the Bartender holds the key to giving you a little shock therapy, it should be enough to deter anyone from trying to have ‘too much fun’.

A really important idea that people seem to forget, is that social distancing is not just for you, but also meant as a safeguard for everyone around you. The fact that even one individual can cause harm to so many people, is extremely dangerous and cannot be ignored.