PS5 accessory leak may have given us the tentative release date for Sony’s new console

Although an official confirmation for when Sony is going to release their new console is yet to come, they may have pointed us towards the right direction by revealing the listings for third-party PS5 accessories.

Barron-Blade, a well-known Redditor, in conversation with Tom’s Guide has revealed that the PS5 third party accessories listings have arrived on the store system. The listed accessories for PS5 console include a magnetic controller dock, a system stand, a USB-C glow cable, a magnetic play and charge cable, and a controller grip kit.

The date of arrival for the third-party PS5 accessories is 3rd of November, though it contradicts with the fact that the expected release date for PS5 is scheduled to be somewhere in mid-to-late November.

Such a contradiction in the release dates can be explained by taking into account any of the three possible reasons. First of all, the possibility that the PS5 may be released prior to its arbitrary release date cannot be neglected.

Another reasonable explanation for this could be that the date of arrival for the PS5 accessories is just pro tem, owing to the misshapen supply-chains worldwide due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.

However, we’ve also not forgotten that the accessories for the PS4 were also released before the release of PS4 itself. So, it could be anything from Sony’s new marketing trend to just a human error.

While we wait for November to bring our beloved PS5 ashore, there’re a bunch of games namely ‘Horizon Forbidden West’, Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man’, latest revelations of renowned video game titles like ‘Ratchet and Clank’ and ‘Gran Turismo whose release has already been corroborated. So, there’s a lot to get thrilled about until the PS5 gaming console sees the daylight.

If we just cut to the chase, it’s a pretty darn sure thing that Sony is planning to announce the PS5 in November 2020.

Since Holiday 2020 isn’t that far now, we could be getting an official date of release for PS5 any time in the near future.