PS2-themed PlayStation retailer reveals all orders cancelled due to threats

In a recent announcement by a retailer for PS2-Themed PlayStation 5 consoles stated that all orders have been cancelled due to threats.

Earlier this month, Retailer SUP3R5 (no affiliation with Sony) announced that they would sell a DualSense controller as well as a special PlayStation 2 customized version of the PlayStation 5 console.

Pre-orders for the custom consoles and controllers started to pour. Also said that customized versions will be out in limited supply.

But, unexpectedly, in a recent update from the retailer, it was revealed that all orders will be cancelled.

The declaration was made in a message in the official Twitter account (h/t Tom’s Guide) which has been deleted now.

In the post, it was written that all orders are cancelled because of “credible threats” received over the console.

 “Last night, our team began receiving credible threats to their safety. We take these threats seriously, and as a result, we’re not proceeding forward. All orders are being cancelled with full refunds.”

The retailer experienced certainly laid backs and faced issues with processing orders as well as payments. It was also noted that potential buyers have been giving a negative response.

On various Social media, platforms questions have been raised in concern with the company’ potential orders and refunds, while many have stated to have received the refund as promised.

Gamers and fans knew about the lack of official licensing from Sony but the cancellation information was not updated on the website of the retailer.

PlayStation 5 console is on-demand but with this cancellation and no official release on the same, fewer options are out in the market. What will be the next move of gamers to get hands-on with the next generation of gaming?