Prison forced to change all 600 locks after trainee sent picks of locks to friends over chat

This article will definitely teach you a lesson on what not to do when you start a new job.

A new prison trainee at JVA heidering prison in Germany’s Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region did something for which he was immediately fired.

The new prison trainee was immensely proud of his new job and while bragging to his friends he shared a pic of the institution’s key on Watsapp.

His act could have lead to serious security breach of the prison security because the keys could be reproduced by specialists.

As a result of his action all the 600 of the facility’s locks had to be changed which costed the boy tens of thousands of Euros.

With his snap he mentions clearly that he was holding the most important key of all, the key which locks all cell and passage doors.

The local media did cover the news without mentioning the name of the trainee who wanted to brag about his new job.

His small act of innocence would have created a big historical havoc which could have lead to a mass prison breakout of 657 inmates.

None knows for who alerted the prison about the snap, but soon the entire prison key system had to be changed with an installation of 600 new locks and keys.

Soon on Thursday the whole incident was reported to the judicial authority where spokesperson Sebastian Brux confirmed that, all cells and passage doors have therefore been changed.

There is no official update of the total cost the prison had to bear , but it is estimated that it may have costed around €50,000 (over £43,000) to replace the system.

Brux said that the costs could well be billed to the bungling trainee, plus he added: “The intern was banned from entering the house with immediate effect and the internship ended.”

His mistake made him loose his job plus he was billed with a huge amount for paying the damages caused by him.