PlayStation explains how you can upgrade your PS4 games to PS5

Important update shared by PlayStation this week on the backwards compatibility feature of PlayStation 5’s along with the ways it will work with games collection of PlayStations 4.

In this upgrade, one can get the advantage of more next-gen features like better framerates and much more.

Offering more clarity to the upgrade process, PlayStation explains in steps to users the PlayStation 5 version upgrade.

The great news is whether you own a game on a disc or a digital copy the upgrades will be available for all.

For Discs, make sure to get your console, else it might not be too good.

PlayStation explains steps for upgrading a game with a disc as-

Using a Disc: Upgrade PS4 Games to PS5

1.     Create an account or Sign in on your PS5 console

2.     Insert PS4 game disc.

3.     Click on game hub for the PS4 game.

4.     Select upgrade offer on game hub, also review the upgrade.

5.     Select and click on download content.

6.     Complete the download process, after which insert the PS4 game disc to play the PS5 digital game.

7.     Remember to insert the disc each time you play the game.

For the ones who prefer going digital, need to follow the step mentioned below-

Using Digital Games: Upgrade PS4 Games to PS5

1.     Sign in or create an account on your PS% console

2.     Search PS5 game in PlayStation Store or go to the game hub

3.     Select and review the upgrade on the game hub

4.     Select and click on download/purchase content.

5.     Upon completion, play the PS5 game.

Note that each of the processes will need a download for the individual games. Thus, transferring everything from one console to the other might be slow, but is quite simple.

While, PlayStation also named a few PlayStation 4 games that won’t be playable on the PlayStation 5, which means the next-gen console users will not be playing those.