PlayStation Ad Shows How Big the PS5 Box Is

PlayStation 5 ad shows a better look at the box the sizable console will come in. 

The unexpected part? The PlayStation 5 ad is a collaboration between PlayStation and Burger King.

The collab has come together to give away PlayStation 5 consoles to the lucky winners along with some yum food.

The ad reveals footage of people carrying the boxes. It shows people reacting to finding the console in an unlikely place.

The PlayStation video shows the reactions of Burger King customers as they unwrap the boxes of PlayStation 5.

The video basically stages the entire thing as the console is not out yet. The box seems like a hefty one.

It must be noted that only 1,000 PlayStation 5 consoles are included in the giveaway.

For the ones who don’t win the console will have a fair chance to win a three-month subscription to PlayStation or codes for Sackboy: A Big Adventure or Demon’s Souls