PlayStation 5 reviews appear on Amazon

Soon after the Amazon page for PlayStation 5 went live, we started to notice reviews for the console. Now, these reviews are proof that the gaming community can be extremely creative for reviewing a piece of hardware that hasn’t yet released into the market.

Amazon UK has managed to amass over 100 reviews for the next-gen console. Everything from time-travellers, to hilariously written reviews, everyone seems to be having a field trip with the idea.

I think one of my favourite reviews have to be, “Purchased this on the 5th of July 2035, scratched to hell, they should have stuck to the PS4 black or PS6 lime green. Also the games in 4k look so dated on a 100k AR screen.” Looks like, our time travelling friend has come to warn us of the hardware’s limitations. I bet he’s a Microsoft fan.

One individual even made the classic Wi-Fi router joke, stating that the so-called ‘router’ kept asking him to insert a disc, and yet it didn’t even come with an installation disc! The man should’ve honestly just gone with a Huawei router, what was he thinking ordering one from Sony?

It’s the little things that make you realise how invested the gaming community is into the matter. Everybody’s holding onto their horses for the jump into the next generation, and we’re right along there with them. Next-gen titles are shaping up to be absolutely amazing, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them along with the rest of the community.