PlayStation 5 might be the second heaviest console ever

Sony has gone above and beyond with the PlayStation 5, introducing a bunch of new features that improve its performance over its predecessor. Compared to the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5 is definitely going to be a lot bigger in size.

With the Amazon pages for the console going live, people are uncovering various new details regarding the console and its accessories. A redditor u/likkyball seems to have found the machine’s weight listed down on the Amazon’s German store.

The console is a hefty 4.78 Kg, which equates to about 10.54 pounds. That’s heavy! In fact, that puts Play Station 5 to be the second heaviest console.

Compared to the XBox Series X, the PlayStation 5 is still actually a pound heavier. According to the Amazon’s page, PlayStation 5’s disc-less version doesn’t seem to be any lighter, while the XBox One’s digital version was actually a pound lighter compared to the standard version.

The PlayStation 5 has left no stone unturned for its hardware, and has introduced more cooling. Even if the weight does turn out to be false, there’s no doubt the console’s going to be much heavier than what we’re traditionally used to when it comes to consoles.