Players discover new Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla secret weapon after discovering it under a pile of rocks

In the gaming world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, lately, players discovered a new Secret Weapon. To get your hands on this hidden and powerful bow, gamers need to go about looking for a specific pile of rocks, hit it a couple of times and that’s it! Although, this is not an adequate way to grab the weapon.

A small, unremarkable pile of rocks was discovered by players in the northern area of the main Valhalla map which happen to hold a strangely powerful secret.

If the player hits the rocks, nothing happens in the first attempt and unlike the other same rock piles present in the game, this pile won’t crumble down. But when it is hit several times and save you game, reloading afterwards, after several attempts Norden’s Arc will be unlocked. Reportedly, most players had to take three reloads to gain the advantage.

In a video, JorRaptor displayed the rock method, helping players to figure it out well and also allowing them to have a glimpse of how powerful the bow is. Well, you do have some spoilers there.

The hunter bow is said to be an Isu weapon and Isu, in brief, can be stated as an ancient civilization of super-powerful beings who enslaved humans and the relics and weapons reportedly still exist, for example, this particular bow.

While the way to obtain the secret weapon seems quite favourable, it seems that Ubisoft doesn’t wish to offer the same to the players and the unlock method to this special weapon seems more like that of a glitch.

As confirmed by Darby McDevitt, earlier today the narrative director on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. on Twitter, replied to JorRaptor’s tweet, saying that the method is “clever brute force hack” and may prove to be an advantageous factor for speedrunners.

However, he clarified that there is an actual in-game way to unlock this bow, but didn’t say how. Though when someone pointed out that some player must have solved the secret by now, McDevitt vaguely responded, “Someone almost has.”