Photos show the moment Trump learnt he lost to Joe Biden

America’s elections have recently become everyone’s business. Most people have been dreading the American’s people recent choice for their president, but it would seem that the latest result shows that nobody has anything to worry about.

Photos of Donald Trump have surfaced after the presidential election was ruled in favour of Joe Biden. It seems that Trump might be trying to bury his sorrow deep into the holes of his golf course.

Donald Trump’s eerie silence on Twitter is disturbing as well. Not to mention that he wouldn’t let the slightest opportunity pass by if he got the chance to call someone out.

Turns out Trump’s prediction on Twitter, “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!” didn’t seem to stand true. The businessman might have lost his way once the people chose to select Biden as their leader, and not him. The grapes might be too sour for this one.

His political star falling, Trump gazes wistfully down the fairway. He remained silent on Twitter in the immediate aftermath of the election being called, though his campaign issued an immediate statement disputing the results and vowing a legal battle

In the above picture, we can see Trump reflecting on his life-choices as he stares down into the sun-set, knowing that his reign ends in January. What will the man do next? Stay tuned on Fox News to find out more.

Trump might not accept defeat just yet, as said by his lawyer Michael Cohen, “When Donald Trump loses, there will never be a peaceful transition to power.” The man might set out on a quest to protect his righteous rule and to contest the elections by any means necessary.

However, at the end of the day, it would seem that the meme has indeed outlived its age. And, the world might finally return to normal as it sees the light of a more professional president. Frankly, the bar was set pretty low, so the only way to go is up from here.

Trump's campaign indicated he would decline to concede to President-elect Biden, instead promising unspecified legal challenges to try to overturn the outcome of the race

“He could put on whatever he wants. He could say whatever he wants. It’s almost like having Twitter explode into everything else,” as said by Barbara Res.

Well said Barbara, well said.