People shocked to discover price of food at Salt Bae’s Restaurant

People often go to visit Nusr-Et just for a picture of the ‘gram of the man behind the meme,Nusret Gökçe, tossing a pinch of the spilt salt on to their food, but it comes at a whooping cost .

A picture recently got viral where someone had shared their bill from Gökçe’s outlet, ,many were stunned to see the cost.

Even though the receipt was full of items the cost comes to a total of $6,228.05 (£4,485.72).

In the receipt the unknown man has ordered steak for $275 (£198) as well as a ‘Golden Tomahawk’ for $1,000 (£720).

Smoked BBQ Source have confirmed that for a quality Tomahawk steak one can expect to pay around $100 (£72).

Another customer shared the picture of the menu where in Gökçe’s restaurant the ‘Golden Tomahawk’ was of $1,000

One user wrote: “This dinner party has money. People who complain or post receipts don’t order $1,500 Le Brut or $1k tomahawk steak,” to which another person replied: “Nobody said they couldn’t afford it. Doesn’t make it any less ridiculous.”

While another wrote: “What’s difference between golden tomahawk $1000 vs tomahawk $275?” $725, my friend.

One user commented: “You think I’ll pay 6k and I won’t make him feed me the entire time? It’s right there, salt bae passion. Alaye better feed me passionately.”

It’s evident if you want to experience the Salt Bae experience, you have to fork out serious amounts of money.