People left baffled by strange Man or Dog optical illusion

A photo of an optical illusion has gone viral on Facebook where viewers are left feeling disoriented and confused after reviewing the picture.

The image appears to be of a figure walking into a spectacular snowy woods, but wait there is more to the picture.

However if you give a closer look at the picture it is actually a poodle dog running towards the camera , netizens are stunned to see how the tail of the dog resemblance so much of a back of a person’s head.

The image has awed many viewers, with one person commenting : ” I had to take my glasses off to see that one.”

Another person agreed with the comments saying: “I had to stare at it before I could see it”.

The picture got pretty much of the attention for its optical illusion and got viral on Facebook.

While few claimed they did spotted the cute poodle at first glance.

One person was at disbelief of the fact that it is indeed an image of a dog even after thousands of posts were suggested to him of the opposite.