Pastor Leaves Church and Becomes a Stripper, joins OnlyFans

Nikole Mitchell was a servant for God until she decided to go with the calling of her heart and become a stripper. And according to her, she’s happy to have finally followed her own will.

Nikole aspired to be a stripper even at her young age. However, the strict environment she was brought up in prevented her from ever even looking at that path. She believed that it was forbidden.

According to Nikole, “I was taught that women aren’t allowed to lead and that women belong in the kitchen and with the children.

Even though it went against everything I was told, I decided to become a pastor because of my love for performing.”

Pastora deja la vida religiosa y se convierte en stripper

Mitchell first saw the light for equality when she joined the Woodland Hills Church in 2011. “It blew my mind,” she said. Nikole’s views and her faith made her stand out, and she was asked to become a pastor for thousands of people.

However soon, she realized that she was bisexual when she attended an LGB-Oriented theatre in 2016. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t think I’m straight’ and it rocked my world; I knew if I revealed my queerness, I would lose it all because the church is not welcoming to queer people.’

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Nikole could not live for herself, and she felt suffocated. She finally broke free and became what she wanted to be. She didn’t want to feel repressed, so she chose her own path and finally quit the church after delivering her last sermon on the 4th of July in 2017.