North Koreans ordered to hand over Pet dogs so they can be used for meat

North Korea has proven to be the centre of controversy quite often. In recent news, the dictator Kim-Jong-un stated that it was now illegal for anyone to own a pet dog.

To make things worse, people suspect that their dogs might be used to deal with the nation’s food-shortage.

According to the dictator Kim Jong-un, dogs are a symbol of capitalist decadence and ordered that all the dogs in Pyongyang be rounded up.

The entire thing is really messed up and authorities have begun to identify households with dogs that have pets. North Korea’s authorities are forcefully confiscating the dogs from their respective owners and putting them down, as told by South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper.

There are only two outcomes for the dogs caught in the outrageous matter. They’re either given away to the state-run zoos, or simply sold to dog meat restaurants.

It has been reported that authorities are identifying houses with pet dogs and are forcing owners to give them up or are forcefully confiscating them. Pictured dogs locked in cages in South Korean meat farm

North Korea has been facing food shortages, which have gradually worsened due to international sanctions imposed due to its nuclear missile programmes.

Dog meat is treated as a delicacy in the region. A million dogs are reared on farms to be eaten by the people of Korea. The tradition to eat dog meat however has been on a steady decline over the past few years.

The fact that residents aren’t being given a choice, and have to part with animals that they’ve built an unbreakable bond with over the years is absolutely terrifying.