New Playstation update removes features, PS4 fans furious

The Sony PlayStation Store got updated, while PS4 and PS5 fans are not at all happy with some of the changes.

On 19th October, a new version of the PlayStation Store will be released on the web and mobile devices.

The update will bring in a host of changes, one of which came live early.

The PlayStation Game Library website upgrade will also show your purchased games, the games you played, PlayStation Now games, as well as PlayStation Plus games.

What get excluded is PlayStation Vita games, PS3, and PSP. So, to see these games, you will have to boot up your PSP or PlayStation Vita.

Also, you will require to boot these systems up to purchase games for these devices, offering major inconvenience.

Sony released it in an all-digital console makes it equally odder. In November, with PS5 releases, the cost will be $500.

If you can co-op the all-digital version which opts-out the hard drive, the price will get $100 cheaper.

Nevertheless, it can be said that Sony makes a smart move. With the market becoming more and more digital, money is made more on digital games than on retail games.

This is a major disappointment for PlayStation fans. It is still not certain what led Sony to make these changes.

Stay tuned for all updates or statement that Sony might bring forth.