Naughty Dog is working on a secret new game

Massive news out from Naughty Dog; with the recent launch in June 2020, The Last of Us Part II, it seems they are yet to begin working on the next game.

It is yet to be confirmed but based on the recent activity by some of the studio’s employees, it offers an idea that something might be happening internally.

With recent promotions for the Naughty Dog developers and Neil Druckmann becoming the Co-President of the studio, things are steaming through.

Last year in the September month, the promotion of developers like Richard Cambier and Vinit Agarwal was seen on the LinkedIn pages, with each member was promoted to a directorial position.

It can very well indicate that both Cambier and Agarwal will be leading development teams for some upcoming projects.

Recently, Naughty Dog has also been actively hiring, which brings to the first step towards a new game to-be-in-process.

Whereas, the work linked with The Last of Us Part II has not been finished yet. In 2019, it was found that the multiplayer aspect of the sequel got removed from the larger package but that development on it is still pending.

As noted, the vision for the multiplayer component was told be much larger in scope compared to the Factions mode in the original The Last of Us.