Mom who survived on food stamps now making more than $1 million on Onlyfans

A single mother who made her way from collecting food stamps to now earning a massive sum of $1 million (£722,500) a year on OnlyFans, is now making ways for other mum.

A 45-year-old mum of two, Nita Marie changed her life completely after she signed up on OnlyFans, now not only is she rich but she is coaching around 200 mums around the world.

After going through her rough divorce, she attempted to run her own business as a beauty sales representative

Back in the year 2017, Marie was facing a different situation where she was struggling to raise her kids but now with her OnlyFans account she earns around $180,000 (£130,000) a month.

On her statement she says: “I pretty much was raising the kids on my own, and emotionally, I couldn’t keep up with my other business. So my income plummeted.”

Marie was hoping for financial assistance for her kids through child support and was later notified that they were poor enough to qualify for food stamps.

Marie said, “I remember having to borrow $20 (£14.45) just to put gas in my car,”

“I remember going to the mall and having to split a hamburger between me and my two kids, because we didn’t have enough money for any other food.”

She said: “I wanted to feel sexy and attractive again, because in my marriage I didn’t feel sexy after having the kids. My body had completely changed after having the babies.”

After all the problems she was facing in her life she decided to do a boudoir photoshoot to ‘feel good about herself’, she was soon offered for photoshoot from professionals right after she shared her pictures on social media.

It was the year 2019 when she joined OnlyFans.

She further added: “I already had somewhat of a following from just posting things on Instagram and having my own website. And I think I joined at a good time.”

For a surprise the Covid-19 pandemic have only boosted her income when many were jobless.

“Covid helped my Only Fans page blow up because people were just at home,” she said.

“My subscriptions skyrocketed. I doubled my income in January 2020, and then it kept increasing.

“In January of last year, I was making about $40,000 (£28,900) a month. But in March, it went up to about $80,000 (£57,800), a month.

“I literally went from qualifying for food stamps to, the next full year, I made over a million dollars.”

With her success story she wants to help women, she explains: “I know what it’s like to be pay cheque to pay cheque. I know what it’s like to worry if you’re going to have enough money for the electric bill.

“Now, I’ve paid off all my debt, we own our house, and pretty much never have to worry about money again. We want to buy a piece of land and start an animal sanctuary.”