Mom shares her $9.28 paycheck she got after working for 70 hours as a waitress and Internet has mixed response

Single-young-mom from Texas shared pictures of her paycheck of $9.28 on Tik-Tok

Aaliyah Cortez got it working 70+ hours as a bartender. 

However, the Internet came up with mixed responses after seeing the amount received by her as a tip.

Aaliyah Cortez, a single-mother shared her story on Tik Tok with the caption “I cannot afford to live off of $2.13 an hour, so I solely rely on the generosity of my customers.” 

In an interview with Bored Panda Aaliyah talked about her financial struggles and being a single mother, she says-

“It’s tough being a working mom for me right now just because I’m going through a custody battle. I would love to spend time with my son, but I have to make a living so we can have a good life once the custody battle comes to an end.”

Aaliyah goes out to say that monthly paychecks don’t fulfil the needs for workers like her.

She works as a bartender at a local bar. Her story led to raising awareness about wages in the service industry

Aaliyah state “Honestly, every time I open a check, I just chuckle a little bit. My coworkers and I will compare checks to see who got the least amount and we’ll just laugh because it’s ridiculous how little we get paid.” 

Despite all the hurdle she is optimistic about things “I would just like to add that I love my job and I’m fortunate enough to make enough to get by, but it’s tough to think that if an emergency comes up it could really hurt me financially. I just wish we all had stable and consistent paychecks.”

“It’s important to tip because we literally rely solely on those tips. We’ll be greatly appreciative and it’s just nice to be compassionate and understanding that this is just how laws are set up, and if you’re going to restaurants that do abide by these laws, you are feeding into the broken system. We don’t like relying on the customer but until the laws can get changed, we still need to be paid.” 

Aaliyah also gives a shoutout all the single moms-

“My advice to fellow moms is just keep being badass. Being a mom alone is a full-time job, so I would want them to know I’m supporting them!” 

The mixed response over Aaliyah’s video also lead to a debate over the importance of tipping in the Internet