Mom of 3 says her kids got expelled from school because of her OnlyFans account

A mother of three and an OnlyFans model says her kids were expelled and have been facing bullying and harassments.

The OnlyFans model Tiffany Poindexter, whose real mane is Crystal Jackson goes public over the slams she have been facing after mums in her Sacramento community found out of her OnlyFans page. Tiffany from her page earns up to $100,000 (£71,000) a day.

On 21 February, Sunday evening she founds out via email that all of her children had been expelled from school after which she goes public about the harassment and bullying she and her kids have been facing.

While talking to LADbible she said: “It got so bad that we ended up getting threatening phone calls from some of the moms, they were like ‘You need to leave the school, or do you want to fight these moms because they’re going to take you down, and you should just leave pack up and like move now’.

“And I’m like, ‘What century do we live in?’.

“I’m like, ‘No, I’m not going to leave and I’m not going to kick my kids out’. I’m like, ‘You guys are bullying and body shaming me at this point’.”

Crystal later explained that the dads at the school already knew about the content she shared online before which one dad broke ‘man code’ and let the cat out of the bag.

She says: “There were some dads that had found it, and they were just like, ‘Hey, cool, I know who you are, you know who I am, I’m not gonna say anything’.

“But all of a sudden some dad who was just not following man code told his wife and then she just lost her s***, and she told another woman, and she told another woman, and it got into the hands of the main mean girl, and it was like – game on.”

As when Crystal was asked why the other mums cared so much about her OnlyFans account, she replied back by saying it all boils down to jealousy.

She says: “Women cannot be like men, right? Where it’s like, you get in a fight the next day it’s like, ‘Hey, bro, what’s up?’

“Women can’t be that way, right? They hold grudges there.

“We’re just, we’re just b*****s. And we’re just jealous of each other. And it’s like, if we weren’t that way, women could rule the world. But they can’t, right. They can’t see past their jealousy.”

The school have refused to further comment on Crystals’s children being expelled from school.