Modern Warfare glitch leaks unreleased secret weapon

Each season of Modern Warfare introduces new weapons, however this season a new unreleased weapon appears during a glitch.

Nevertheless, all glitches are not disappointing. This glitch has enabled players to use the secret Makarov pistol and it is not for the first time that this weapon has featured in the game.

In 2010, it appeared in the Black Ops title and carried through into the next series but later on it disappeared.

This glitch gave a pleasant surprise to Players as it is a rare one in comparison to other weapons featured in the series.

A gamer noticed it for the first time who was playing offline where he noticed something bizarre in the hands of one of the enemies.

The gamer took out their enemy and picked up the weapon. Upon examination, it revealed that it is the Makarov pistol.

The weapon has the firepower equipped with its own custom animations.

There might be possible updates have been put into the pistol or it might have been tested and added to the game and scrapped, leaving the remnants in the games coding.

Players are excited about this glitch that led to the return of this weapon after a long time.

Note: The glitch appears only in offline battles with bots. Gamers shouldn’t look for it in any online games.