Models who posed naked on Dubai balcony gets harsh punishment

A group of Ukrainian models were deported after nine days in jail for poising naked on a balcony in Dubai, they have been banned from travelling to the Gulf for five years.

Among the group 19-year-old model, Yulia Ulyanochkina revealed that they were held in prison, waiting to find out what their possible punishment.

Another one from the group claimed that in the detention centre a pregnant woman who was detained for different reason had died near them.

Yulia was the first one to enter into the cell, she said: “We have all been banned from entering the Gulf countries for five years.”

Diana, 19, said: “We were taken to a small cell, perhaps two metres by two metres, with a very old mattress.

“All 12 of us sat on that mattress.”

She continued by saying: “There was a pregnant woman who died in a different cell.

“She died, she was simply not provided help.”

Irina Sotulenko, 23,said: “We did not know that there would be so many problems just because of naked butts.

“Imagine, one mattress, two blankets and 12 girls and they were screaming something in Arabic – ‘sharmuta’.

“We understood it means ‘prostitute’.

“But we were only accused of showing our naked butts, nothing else, that was all.”

Sharing there horrific experience in the jail, they revealed that they were forced to crammed in a cell with Nigerian inmates who at that time had babies with them.

Diana, told Mash: “We were later taken to a so-called ‘black’ room, which is a cell for specially dangerous detainees.

“On the first night we were all hysterical.”

Irina said: “Every 30 minutes there was a line-up to check no one had fled.

“There was no toilet paper, just water. We finally bought toothbrushes on the fifth day.

“Sanitary pads were given on the third day. We were wearing the clothes that we were brought in.

“One of the girls had kidney problems but was not given pills.”

She continued: “The worst thing were the warders – they were laughing at us.”

Diana said: “One of them made a joke that one of our girls, who was in isolation because of coronavirus, had died.

“What kind of joke is that?”

One model among the group remains in Dubai because of COVID-19, while another is facing separate charge, she was not allowed to go back to her home with the deported ten.

Irina said: “There are two girls left there, one has coronavirus, the other has a separate case against her.

“We hope she will not be staying there too long, it is very cold there.

“The shower is painfully cold. We lost weight…

“Other detainees had phones, books, a plasma TV [but not in our cell].”

Diana further added: “We were not charged with the distribution of pornography or prostitution. Only disrespect to religion and that naked photo.”

In a video taken before they left Dubai, Yulia said: “Bye-bye Dubai.

“I would not say it was very pleasant…”