Model has been crowned as the “world’s sexiest athlete” and the internet is divided

Alica Schmidth is considered as the world’s sexiest athlete with 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

The fitness influencer has been helping Borussia Dortmund squad in their training with some of her fitness tips and tricks.

She has been a part of the ‘Stay Fit ‘ series and was previously named as the “Sexiest Athlete in the World” by Australian magazine ‘Busted Coverage’.

Alica explains that she was all set to shine at the Olympics, but the event was delayed due to coronavirus.

Confused for why she was so popular and admired, she said “I do not know why I got this title. Sport comes clearly first.

“There are thousands of girls on Instagram who look good and still do not have as many fans.”

In the European Athletics Under-20 Championship 2017, Alica won the silver medal in the 4×400 relay.

In the past year her Instagram followers have been doubled due to her spicy posts on Instagram.