Millionaire sues ex girlfriend for using his mansion to take X-rated OnlyFans images

A 59-year-old millionaire named, Stephen j. Cloobeck is suing his ex-girlfriend for using his jet and mansion to take x-rated pictures for her OnlyFans account.

The millionaire further claims that he was used by Stefanie Gurzanski, a Instagram model to buy her expensive gifts worth $1.3 million.

MailOnline reported that, Stephen have filed a case on Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court against her girlfriend of six months.

It was first Gurzanski who filed a temporary restraining order against Cloobeck who happens to be the founder and former CEO of Diamond Resorts Internation, Cloobeck then stamped the Instagram Model as a ‘con artist’.

The man claims that he was made to belief of her being in the Fashion industry as a model and had no clue of her making a living out of the x-rated pictures using his mansion and jets as a backdrop in her OnlyFans account.

After a separation from a 22 year old marriage, Cloobeck met Gurzanski in 2020 through a mutual friend, according to MailOnline.

With-in the span of six months of relationship, Cloobeck have bought her expensive jewellery, lavish parties and private jet trips and as well as paying her lease for a luxury apartment in Beverly Hills, MailOnline reported.

Cloobeck claims that Gurzanski have confessed her love only to use his money and on the other hand have sold her nude pictures without his awareness.

“In one of the most egregious, but by no means only, examples of this disrespectful intrusion into Cloobeck’s private life, Gurzanski posed topless wearing a yarmulke from his son’s bar mitzvah.”, as per the complaints states.

The millionaire says that her actions have done a permanent damage to his reputation as a businessman and as well as a political donor.