Middle school boy builds tiny working Fusion reactor, breaks world record

Middle School Boy builds a Tiny Working Fusion Reactor while nations all over the world are investing billions to make football-field-sized nuclear fusion reactors.

Nuclear fusion is a process of harnessing energy from fusing atoms, rather than breaking them.

According to Guinness World Records, Jackson Oswalt, a 12-year-old kid from Memphis, Tennessee, becomes the youngest person to have achieved nuclear fusion, creating a record.

He successfully fused two deuterium atoms in a fusion reactor that he created in his house.

As stated by Jackson, he solely worked on the entire thing on the reactor, during the design as well as the production stages.

In the Guinness World Records video, Jackson explains,

“The temperature in my fusor varies, but it’s approximately 100 million degrees [Kelvin],” 

“I have been able to use electricity to accelerate two atoms of deuterium together so that they fuse into an atom of helium 3 [isotope], which also releases a neutron which can be used to heat water and turn a steam engine, which in turn produces electricity,”

Jackson got inspiration came from Taylor Wilson, the one who held the record previously at 14 years.

Jackson’s mother reveals that “There were a few moments during the project that I had some reservations,”. 

“I would definitely be googling things before he turned on various stages.”

She then adds, “he did a great job of explaining it to us.”