Microsoft makes meme come true, makes a real life Xbox Series X Fridge

You better be ready to spice up your kitchen with the new Xbox Series X fridge.

That’s right, turns out a popular meme has been realized by Microsoft. The Xbox Series X fridge was sent out to Snoop Dogg and iJustine.

When the Xbox Series X’s design was initially revealed to the public back in 2019, many people drew similarities between the console and a refrigerator. Turns out, Microsoft heard them loud and clear.

The refrigerator arrives in a huge box that mimics the packaging of the Xbox Series X.

A true delight to open up, we assume. You can even hear the iconic start-up sound when you open up the fridge.

Microsoft gave Snoop Dogg an Xbox Series X refrigerator for his birthday

Aaron Greenberg, Xbox’s marketing boss writes, “You knew we had to do this.” You don’t have to tell us twice Aaron.

Snoop Dogg seems to have got the entire mojo down and is making fine use of the refrigerator by storing all of his essentials in it.

Along with the real OG, we have iJustine receiving the fridge as well. Watch her rip apart the massive package to reveal a really expensive meme come to life. I definitely want this slick refrigerator rocking my kitchen.

The home appliance is an exact replica of the Xbox Series X, only much larger. And it comes packed with a baby Xbox Series X as well for all your gaming needs.