Man spends $6000 on Gaming PC saved for Honeymoon without informing Fiancee

Everyone tends to get a bit itchy when it comes to their Gaming PCs. It’s a sensitive subject after all, no man wants a subpar PC; they’d want to go all out. Such was the case with a redditor who spent over $6,000 on his Gaming PC. Here’s the twist though, the man spent $6,000 from the money saved for his honeymoon, and built himself a PC. What a mad lad!

The story starts in the R/relationship_advice subreddit. A woman talks about how her fiancee wanted to buy a gaming PC, however she was adamant on the fact that he used the laptop to play any games that he had. Eventually, the poor woman gave in to her fiancee’s demands.

Soon after, a monstrous gaming PC entered this couple’s life, worth a shocking six-thousand dollars. The woman further adds that her fiancee has started ignoring her ever since the PC has arrived.

Needless to say, he received quite the scolding for spending both his and her’s savings on a PC. We can only imagine the man sitting comfy in his gaming chair, and grinding hours into the Witcher 3.

We’d say the guy’s probably the luckiest person on Earth to still have his girl by his side after such a stunt. The woman’s an angel and has promised to earn back all the money that they’ve lost on the PC. That’s what I like to acknowledge as unconditional love.